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Guns, Trucks And Trips: West Virginia Expands Prizes For Vaccinated Residents

John Raby/AP
| Several states, including Ohio, California, Colorado and Maryland, have created vaccination incentive programs to get more teens and adults fully immunized from the coronavirus.

For Memorial Day, Biden Pays Tribute To Fallen Service Members In Delaware


The president spoke in observance of Memorial Day at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Sunday. It was also the sixth anniversary of the death of his son, Beau Biden, who had served in Iraq.

Texas GOP's New Voting Restrictions On Verge Of Approval


Republicans in the Texas Senate muscled one of the most restrictive new voting laws in the U.S. to the cusp of the governor's desk early Sunday.

Small Plane Crashes Into Tennessee Lake; 7 Believed Dead


Rescue crews planned to work through the night at the scene of the crash. Rescue Capt. Joshua Sanders indicated at a news conference that there were no survivors.

The FAA Has Seen A 'Significantly Higher' Number Of Unruly Passenger Reports In 2021


With more people boarding planes as the pandemic eases, verbal abuse and violence against flight attendants have increased, caused in part by disputes over the ongoing federal mask mandate.

Germany Officially Recognizes It Committed Genocide In Present-Day Namibia


"In light of Germany's historical and moral responsibility, we will ask Namibia and the descendants of the victims for forgiveness," Germany's foreign minister said Friday.

Travel Tips For Your Post-Vaccination Memorial Day Weekend


COVID cases are down, half of the country is at least partially vaccinated and the wanderlust has struck. But the rebound could also mean new challenges for your getaway. Here's how to avoid them.

How Religion, Education, Race And Media Consumption Shape Conspiracy Theory Beliefs


A new survey from the polling firm PRRI breaks down conspiracy theory acceptance by religious group, level of education, and sources of news and information, among other things.

International Travel Opens To The Vaccinated, But How Do You Prove You Got The Shot?


There's no universal digital passport yet, it's not clear exactly what kind of proof will be accepted, and paper vaccination cards can be easily forged, damaged or lost.