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Sustaining Members are ongoing, monthly contributors to Southern California Public Radio. You choose your giving level and your contribution is automatically deducted each month from your credit card or bank account, until you tell us to stop.

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Why should you become a KPCC Sustainer?

More reasons why listeners like you became Sustainers:

"Unbiased news and the huge amount of general, political, social and cultural information plus the fun shows on the weekends… can’t beat it for the price! At my donation level ($10 /month), it costs me 32 cents a day! I know that I belong to a very special group of people who bring the best radio the airwaves have to offer and all those who help pay for it!"

- Thomas, Sustaining Member in West Hollywood

"After years of sporadically remembering to make a donation to KPCC, we are growing up, being responsible and becoming Sustaining Members!"

- Ashley and Elton, Sustaining Members in Los Angeles

"I’m a Sustainer because KPCC is the best news operation in Southern California. And I’m voting with my wallet for shorter member drives!"

- Al, Sustaining Member in Huntington Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I know when my Sustaining Membership is set to renew?
A: We’ll send you a courtesy notice letting you know that your membership is set to auto-renew the following month. It doesn’t require a response unless you wish to modify or cancel your contribution.

Q: What if my credit card number or expiration date changes?
A: To update this information, simply call KPCC Member Services at 626-583-5121 or use our secure online update form. To avoid updating your credit or debit card, switch to giving directly through your bank account! It will help KPCC save over $300,000 in yearly processing fees, too.

Q. How do I change the amount of my monthly contribution?
A: Call Member Services at 626-583-5121 to increase, decrease or cancel your monthly membership gift or increase online using our secure form.