What's the dark California history behind HBO's True Detective?
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True Detective Season 2: Can you name that field?

Can you name that field?
Can you name that field?

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A new season of HBO's neo-noir drama "True Detective" premiered on Sunday.  The show is set in Southern California, with a new cast of characters, played by Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and others.  KPCC has a new podcast about the links between the show and real places and events here, told by our journalists and other special guests.  Here's Episode #1; get it in iTunes and Stitcher.

We know a lot about Los Angeles here, but sometimes even we get stumped. After the opening credits the very first scene is an open field - you can see it above. There's wooden stakes driven into the ground, some pink ribbons, too. Maybe it's a construction site, maybe it's a crime scene. But there's no other information we can find so far.  

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