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"Innovative Health Care: Doing More with Less"

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Health care – how to improve it, how to deliver it, how to pay for it – has been at the forefront of the nation’s conversation for the past several years. As debate over policy, technology and cost-efficiency rages on, those in the medical profession stay focused on one goal – patient care and how to make it better. Dr. Benjamin Chu, president of Kaiser Permanente Southern California, applauds recent advances in technology and efficiency, but warns they may have come at the cost of the doctor-patient relationship, which he feels is vital to life-long wellness. Long-term, preventive care, he says, will save more lives – and dollars – than piece-meal patch-ups, specialist visits and emergency-room treatment. But with insurance costs skyrocketing and the dream of universal health care becoming more elusive, how can Americans afford the medical care they need?

Town Hall Speaker:
Dr. Benjamin Chu, President, Kaiser Family Foundation, Southern California

Town Hall Vault Speakers:
Dr. Nancy Dickey, President, American Medical Association (1998)
Dr. William Weil, Chairman, Los Angeles County Medical Association (1986)

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