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Recalling A Classic In 'Memory: The Origins of Alien'

"Alien," which starred Sigourney Weaver, is the subject of a documentary on the 40th anniversary of the film's release.

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That Feeling In Your Chest

(Starts at 7:45) 

When the landmark sci-fi-horror-thriller, "Alien," debuted in 1979, movie-goers were looking for cute, cuddly creatures from outer space. When the iconic Xenomorph appeared on screen, it struck a chord with audiences and sparked an ongoing franchise. Filmmaker Alexandre Philippe's documentary, "Memory: The Origins of Alien," dives deep into the making of the movie, and why the famous-chest bursting scene resonated so deeply with audiences.  John Horn spoke with Philippe when the film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. (The film is is in theaters on Oct. 4.)

Treading Carefully With 'Joker'

(Starts at 00:45) 

John talks with Rebecca Keegan of The Hollywood Reporter about her and Ryan Parker's story on Warner Bros' marketing of "Joker": "As prestigious as it is controversial and potentially lucrative, Todd Phillips’ hard-R drama presents the studio with a unique challenge: how to lure audiences to a disturbing and acclaimed movie in a country where mass shootings are commonplace."

'Little Central America' In L.A.

Los Angeles is home to more than half-a-million Central Americans, many of whom arrived during the 1980s during a period of political unrest in their home countries. Faith communities across the United States played a major role in receiving asylum seekers back then, offering sanctuary when migrants’ options were few. One of those churches in L.A.’s Echo Park neighborhood will host “Variedades: Little Central America, 1984,” a theatrical performance of music, poetry, film and movement that puts today’s migration crisis in conversation with the past. The Frame’s Andrea Gutierrez has the story.