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The Lingering Effects Of A 'One Child Nation'

"One Child Nation" is a documentary by filmmaker Nanfu Wang about China’s former policy that limited the size of families.

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The Dark Side Of China's Family Planning

(Starts at 7:38) 

John talks with documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang about her new feature, “One Child Nation.” The film is a personal look at China’s one child policy, which led to thousands of forced sterilizations of women, unwanted adoptions abroad and late-term abortions. The restriction lasted for 35 years and continues to have ramifications both in China and for children brought to the U.S. The film opens Aug. 9.

No Host For The Emmys

(Starts at 00:44) 

Like the Oscars, TV's biggest night will take a different approach to the broadcast. Daniel Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter briefs John on all the news from the Television Critics Assn. meeting.

The Memorable Music In "Eyes Wide Shut"

Twenty years ago this summer, Stanley Kubrick’s final film was released — four months after the director died from a heart attack. "Eyes Wide Shut" was polarizing at the time, but over the years it’s only grown as an object of appreciation and obsession. One of the most memorable sequences is a cult-like orgy that Tom Cruise attends, which features some striking music. The Frame contributor Tim Greiving visited the composer, Jocelyn Pook, in London.