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A Social Media Nightmare In 'Share'

"Share" is about 16-year-old girl who finds videos of herself on social media from a night she doesn't remember.

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The Insidious Internet Effect

(Starts at 8:59) 

How would you react if you found videos of yourself on social media from a night you don’t remember? A 16-year-old girl wrestles with this nightmare in “Share,” writer and director Pippa Bianco’s first feature film, which was adapted from her 2015 short. Bianco talks to John Horn about her inspiration for the script, the ways that gender affect an understanding of sexual assault, and how the law has yet to catch up with the ways that social media impact our lives.

Discord at the Whitney Museum

(Starts at 1:00) 

Eight artists have asked that their work be removed from the prestigious Whitney Biennial because the museum board's vice-chairman is the chief executive of a weapons manufacturing company, John talks with New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz about the controversy.

Mueller On Her Mind

(Starts at 18:57)

As Robert Mueller prepares to testify before Congress on Wednesday, John catches up with the host of the "Mueller, She Wrote" podcast — a military veteran who holds an executive position in the federal government.