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Lynn Shelton and Marc Maron Wield A Sharp 'Sword'

Marc Maron stars in
Marc Maron stars in "Sword of Trust," directed by Lynn Shelton.

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The South Tries To Rise Again

(Starts at 7:45)

Lynn Shelton's latest film, "Sword of Trust," deals with addiction, racism and conspiracy theorists —  and it's a comedy. Marc Maron plays a pawn shop owner trying to sell a Civil War sword to some truthers who believe it will prove that the South actually won the war. John Horn spoke with Maron and Shelton about their creative partnership and using improv as a basis for the film.

A Dose Of Reality For Hollywood

(Starts at :45)

John Horn talks with The Hollywood Reporter's Eriq Gardner about his story on so-called "deep fakes": "Ultra-realistic manipulation of digital imagery could open up new horizons for filmmaking, but lawmakers are only beginning to grapple with the issues and unanswered questions it poses."

Getting To Know Rhye

(Starts at 18:45)

The singer, songwriter and pianist who goes by Rhye (real name Mike Milosh) makes quiet, moody soft pop, as heard on his recent EP, "Spirit." But in real life, he's not as subdued as his music. The Frame's Paul Ratliff produced this segment.