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'Apollo 11' depicts historic mission in a new light

The new documentary,
The new documentary, "Apollo 11," has a fresh look at the historic mission to the moon.

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3-2-1 ... blastoff!

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You've seen the news footage of the Apollo 11 launch and the 1969 moon landing, but the new documentary, "Apollo 11," provides an altogether different view of the events. Featuring never-before-seen 65mm footage and newly discovered audio recordings, the film is an amazingly vivid depiction of NASA's historic mission. Director Todd Douglas Miller spoke with The Frame about the approach he took with the huge trove of pristine archival footage that he and his team uncovered.

Don't Tug On Her Cape

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Ahead of the "Captain Marvel" release, the upcoming Marvel Comics film with a female lead (Brie Larson), review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is holding audience feedback until after the film's release. This move comes after a series of movies that featured female or diverse main characters were strategically panned by Internet trolls to influence box office numbers. The Frame talks with Miranda Bailey, founder of Cherry Picks, a Rotten Tomatoes alternative dedicated to elevating the perspective of female critics.

The Sacred and the Profane

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L.A.-based singer San Cha has a complicated relationship with religion. Her childhood experiences growing up Catholic and singing in church were at odds with her queer identity. Her latest album, “Capricho Del Diablo” (The Devil's Whim) seeks to reconcile that — mixing punk music with ranchera melodies and church harmonies.