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'Roll With Me' documents a seemingly impossible challenge

Gabriel Cordell's attempt to wheel across the country is the subject of Lisa France's documentary,
Gabriel Cordell's attempt to wheel across the country is the subject of Lisa France's documentary, "Roll With Me."

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An amazing feat, against all odds

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Gabriel Cordell knew from a young age that he wanted to do something big with his life. His goal was to become an actor, but in 1992, on his way to his first professional audition, a horrible car accident left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. In the years following, he was able to find some work as an actor, but struggled and became addicted to drugs. Newly sober at the age of 42, and looking for something to strive for, Cordell decided to become the first person to roll across the United States — 3,100 miles from California to New York — in a standard, unmodified wheelchair. In 2013, he did just that, accompanied by a rag-tag crew — some dealing with their own issues, including addiction, PTSD and homelessness. Gabriel Cordell and filmmaker Lisa France spoke with The Frame about their new documentary "Roll With Me."

The endless options for cord-cutters

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When television executive John Landgraf coined the term "Peak TV" a couple of years ago, it became the shorthand way of referring to a saturation point he believed the industry had reached. It seems that each month brings more and more original shows from all corners of traditional and streaming television, which may account for the increased number of people cutting the cable cord and instead going with an array of streaming options. But how easy is that? Navigating those streaming services and choosing which ones will get you to the shows you want to see takes time and research. Today we get tips on how to do it from Noel Murray, who wrote a guide to cord-cutting for the New York Times.