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In 'Nikki Corona,' playwright José Rivera explores the afterlife

In "The Untranslatable Secrets of Nikki Corona," a dying man is hired to deliver a message to a recent suicide victim.
Geffen Playhouse

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A most unusual courier job

(Starts at 9:12)

 In "The Untranslatable Secrets of Nikki Corona" at the Geffen Playhouse, a dying man is hired to deliver a message to a recent suicide victim. Playwright José Rivera says he based the story on an actual service that he saw advertised in New York City. Rivera spoke with The Frame's John Horn.

The singular Vietnam experience of Latino soldiers

(Starts at 1:16)

It’s hard to quantify how many Latinos served in the military during the Vietnam War, because the Pentagon didn’t officially count them. And Latino characters are often relegated to bit parts in movies and literature about the conflict. Now, more than 40 years since the capture of Saigon by North Vietnamese forces, the play “Ring Of Red: A Barrio Story” shines a spotlight on Chicano veterans. Feature story by KPCC veteran affairs reporter Libby Denkmann.

A young violinist with a long career

(Starts at 20:52)

Hilary Hahn was just 11 years old when she had her orchestral debut with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. She recorded her first album just six years later to great critical acclaim — even earning her praise from PBS icon, Fred Rogers. Now, at 38, Hahn has earned three Grammy awards and is one of the most widely respected performers and interpreters of classical violin repertoire. She will be in Los Angeles September 29th and 30th to perform Bach with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. She also has an upcoming album of Bach for solo violin, out October 5th.