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'Monsters and Men' explores the aftermath of a fatal police shooting

Anthony Ramos (L) and John David Washington (R) in the new film
Anthony Ramos (L) and John David Washington (R) in the new film "Monsters and Men."

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The complicated consequences of a fatal police shooting

(Starts at 8:32)

The new film “Monsters and Men” is set in Brooklyn, NY where a tight knit community is grappling with a police shooting of an unarmed black man. Anthony Ramos plays a young father who happens to film the police shooting on his cell phone. Written and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, the film received the Special Jury Award for Outstanding First Feature at Sundance 2018. Both Ramos and Green are from New York City neighborhoods that regularly experienced police violence and both are of Puerto Rican heritage. When they spoke with John Horn, they discussed art as activism and how the film looks to accomplish both.

Los Angeles through the lens of the LA Film Festival

(Starts at 1:05)

The LA Film Festival opens tonight with "Echo in the Canyon," a documentary about the music scene in Laurel Canyon. John Horn finds out from the festival's director, Jennifer Cochis, all the ways that the city and people of Los Angeles will show up on screen at the fest this year.