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'Book of Travelers' is Gabriel Kahane's musical travelogue

Gabriel Kahane performing his new work for voice and piano,
Gabriel Kahane performing his new work for voice and piano, "8980: Book of Travelers."
Daniel Fish

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Capturing a nation's mood in song

(Starts at 7:45)

Back in November of 2016, Brooklyn-based composer Gabriel Kahane left his cell phone and the daily news cycle behind and boarded a train. 13 days, 31 states and dozens of dining-car meals later, Kahane returned to New York with a full diary and the inspiration to write a song cycle of character sketches and personal reflections. His new album, "8980: Book of Travelers," is a musical record of what he learned about America in an Amtrak dining car. He talks with John Horn about the experience and his album.

Taylor Swift is in the driver's seat

(Starts at :45)

The hugely popular singer will be a free agent this fall. Record labels are preparing to court her, but does she even need a label anymore? Variety music writer Chris Willman spells out her options for John Horn.

In 'Sorry to Bother You,' some things are black-and-white

(Starts at 19:20)

The film centers around a black telemarketer who finds success when he employs a "white" voice at his agency. Writer/director Boots Riley talks about his provocative film, which has been one of this year's biggest critical hits.