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'Leave No Trace' is the latest from 'visual anthropologist' Debra Granik

"Leave No Trace" stars Ben Foster and Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie as a father and daughter living in the Oregon wilderness.

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Here's the lineup for today's show: 

Debra Granik continues her cinematic travelogue

(Starts at 8:10)

The filmmaker went into the Appalachian mountains for her 2010 movie, "Winter's Bone," and into the remote parts of the Pacific Northwest for her new feature, "Leave No Trace." Her latest is an adaptation of a book, which itself was an adaptation of a true story about a veteran and his teenage daughter living off the grid. Granik spoke with John Horn at the Sundance Film Festival when the film premiered. They discuss her approach to storytelling and how it differs from most Hollywood projects. 

LeBron James goes Hollywood

(Starts at :45)

Now that the basketball superstar is coming to Los Angeles, he can be more directly involved with his production company, which is developing remakes of "House Party" and "Space Jam."

Guest: Tatiana Siegel, Hollywood Reporter

Are you ready for Sam Buck's country?

(Starts at 19:10)

The singer-songwriter contrasts '90s pop country with personal anecdotes of queer identity. The L.A.-based musician and painter just released his first EP, “Borderline," and also hosts an LGBTQ-friendly country revue and line dance. But during the day, he makes his living as a house cleaner.