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How 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' became a lasting success

Fred Rogers, right, turned
Fred Rogers, right, turned "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" into a beloved children's TV show.
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Who says nice guys don't finish first?

(Starts at 1:15)

When "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" premiered 50 years ago — with simple sets, some old puppets and an unassuming host — there was no reason to expect the show would last. But something about Fred Rogers made it work. Filmmaker Morgan Neville talks with John Horn about his new documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor."

An installation artist who uses balloons

(Starts at 18:37)

Jihan Zencirli's balloons have covered an Echo Park bodega, a clinic on Sunset Boulevard and engulfed downtown’s Grand Central Market. They've been on the exterior of the Broad Museum and taken over the pool of the Roosevelt Hotel. The balloons have shown up in San Francisco’s Mission District and the New York City Ballet. If you haven’t seen her work in person, it’s likely made its way into your Instagram feed. But who is she? And why does she do it? Frame contributor Joanna Clay gets a behind the scenes look at the mysterious founder of Geronimo Balloons.

Geronimo Balloons founder Jihan Zencirli insalls a balloon structure.
Geronimo Balloons founder Jihan Zencirli insalls a balloon structure.
Photo credit: Christopher Sullivan, courtesy of Jihan Zencirli