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After a bumpy first week, the case for 'Megyn Kelly Today'

While she was with Fox News, Megyn Kelly made her name through the network's political coverage.
While she was with Fox News, Megyn Kelly made her name through the network's political coverage.

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It was a rough first week for Megyn Kelly, the newest addition to NBC’s "The Today Show." Critics savaged the former Fox News anchor’s entrée into the world of daytime television. Some of Kelly’s guests were just as unimpressed.

Jane Fonda broke the Internet with the withering look she gave Kelly when probed about the plastic surgery she’s had done:

"The Today Show" is one of TV’s most lucrative franchises, and NBC reportedly paid Kelly more than $15 million dollar a year to sign on. They’ve also rebranded the show’s third hour as “Megyn Kelly Today.” But should NBC be having second thoughts?

Leon Lazaroff, media industry reporter for The Street, joined Josie Huang. And he said he has hopes for Kelly:

LAZAROFF: Morning talk show is a very different animal than evening political chatter. It's much harder than it looks and the people who do chit-chats with celebrities are paid a lot of money because they do that very well ... Now she probably learned some things and [NBC] probably figured out some stuff to tell her. And it was a rough week, but that doesn't mean they won't give this a few more months for certain.

He also discussed the adjustments Kelly will have to make on the job:

LAZAROFF: She has always had a terrific way — whether you liked her politics or not — of bantering and challenging her guests. And as anyone who's had any experience with Hollywood celebrities knows, they have enormous numbers of handlers who are very sensitive about any kind of questions that runs counter to the positive, upbeat, money-making message they want to give. That was certainly the case with Jane Fonda. And Kelly will have to make adjustments on the fly because celebrities are not going to want to go down certain roads in the same way office holders are required to.

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