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John Oliver reprises his role in the revived net neutrality debate

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver is urging viewers to send the FCC their comments in support of net neutrality.

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The debate over net neutrality is back.

While it's the sort of phrase that can make your eyes glaze over, net neutrality actually influences how everyone uses the Internet.

The debate over net neutrality regulations was seemingly settled in 2015. That's when the Federal Communications Commission voted to implement prohibitions against Internet service providers intentionally slowing down service or creating paid "fast lanes" on the information superhighway.

Before those rules were put in place, comedian John Oliver rallied viewers of his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight,” to contact the FCC and voice their support for net neutrality during the public comment period.

Now that President Trump’s FCC chief wants to rewrite the net neutrality rules, Oliver raised the issue on his show once again Sunday night:

Many of the questions about the future of net neutrality this time center on the FCC’s new chairman, Ajit Pai, who says the commission’s current regulations are “holding back investment, innovation and job creation.”

Recode’s senior editor for policy and politics, Tony Romm, recently interviewed Pai on the "Recode Decode" podcast. He joined The Frame to discuss what's different about the net neutrality debate this time around.

To hear the full interview, click the blue player above.


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