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13 pieces of film history we really want from Rick Baker's prop auction (and 1 we really don't)

A still from Michael Jackson's
A still from Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Rick Baker is the make-up and creature effects artist behind iconic moments from the 1970s to today. You've seen his work in "Star Wars," "An American Werewolf in London," " The Ring," Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video and dozens more. Now, he's auctioning off hundreds of pieces from a career in transformation.

"After he decided to downsize his facility, we had the great privilege of working alongside Baker for several weeks to clear more than thirty years of make-up history from his studio in preparation for auction," according to a statement from the company behind the auction, Prop Store. "While Rick Baker retained a number of his favorite pieces, he simply no longer had room to keep all of the wonderful items from his career."

The items go up for auction May 29 at the Hilton Universal City.

"Each of these creations is a part of a story, both from the film that inspired them and from my own life," Baker writes in the auction catalog. "I have greatly enjoyed reliving it while putting together this collection."

Check out photos of some of our favorite items, as well as shots from those pieces in action.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller": Zombie Face and Hand Appliances

Michael Jackson's Thriller video

Harry and the Hendersons: Harry Head, Hands, Feet and Muscle Suit

Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker": Michael Jackson Robotic Facial Appliance and Lifecast

Gremlins 2: The New Batch: Prototype Gremlin Puppet

Gremlins 2: The New Batch: Daffy Marionette Mogwai Puppet

The Rocketeer: Fourth Draft Script

We just really like "The Rocketeer." It's pretty great. You should see it.

Batman Forever: Two-Face's (Tommy Lee Jones) Facial Appliance

This Halloween, rather than horribly scarring half our faces for authenticity, we can just wear this!

Batman & Robin: Frosty (Joe Sabatino) Frozen Thug Statue

Horrible movie, sweet statue.

Men In Black: Prototype Mikey Posable Maquette

Mighty Joe Young: Mighty Joe Sitting Maquette

The collection's very own ape buddha.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Grinch (Jim Carrey) Santa Costume Display

Planet of the Apes: Elder Chimp Mask

We don't talk about this "Planet of the Apes" film from Tim Burton. Except for acknowledging that the costumes were pretty great.

Hellboy: Hellboy (Ron Perlman) Right Hand of Doom Maquette

Finally, as excited as we are for the Rick Baker auction, here's one we know crosses the line from "cool creepy" to "will give us nightmares forever" and that we definitely do not want (so, feel free to bid):

Baby's Day Out: Crawling Baby Bink Puppet

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