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Dennis Quaid 'freak out' was a hoax, but it was for Funny Or Die, not Kimmel

Dennis Quaid on a Funny Or Die set for a hoax video where he had appeared to freak out on his crew.
Dennis Quaid on a Funny Or Die set for a hoax video where he had appeared to freak out on his crew.
Funny Or Die

It's official: Dennis Quaid is a good enough actor to convince the Internet that he was having an actual meltdown yesterday. Instead, it's a hoax — and not by Jimmy Kimmel, who many believe was responsible for it since he's done similar pranks over... and over... and over again. Instead, the fine folks at Funny Or Die are behind the prank.

Here's the video hoax, meant to show Quaid flipping out on a crew on set (Warning: contains adult language):

Dennis Quaid video hoax

Here's Funny Or Video's video showing what actually happened... or, uh, didn't happen... you get it. (Warning: contains adult language, and a guy in a giant penis costume.)

The video was meant to harken back to Christian Bale's real-life on-set freakout on the set of "Terminator Salvation," down to Bale's rant including complaining about distractions. (Bale later apologized for the rant.) Here's the audio (Warning: contains adult language):

Christian Bale freakout

Kimmel had denied on his show that he was involved with the Quaid video, saying, "I have to say, it’s disappointing. You play 50 pranks and suddenly people don’t trust you anymore."

Kimmel responds to Dennis Quaid video

The most famous of those Kimmel show pranks was likely their Worst Twerk Fail Ever video, which showed a girl trying to twerk and then falling through a table and catching on fire — before it was ultimately revealed that it was a Kimmel prank and that the woman was a stunt person.

Worst Twerk Ever Fail video

Watch Kimmel revealing his subterfuge in that instance:

Kimmel revealing he was behind twerk hoax

Quaid is starring in a new show on the streaming site Crackle, called "The Art of More," but the video service has denied being involved in the prank.

Quaid has a history of being a prankster; he's appeared several times over the years doing pranks on "Ellen."

Ellen prank 1

Ellen prank 2

Ellen prank 3

Ellen prank 4

Funny Or Die's highest-profile hoax previously: Their attempt to get people to think someone was actually able to make a Back To The Future 2-style hoverboard.

Funny Or Die hoverboard video

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