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TV tips: What to watch after Thanksgiving dinner with the family

Reality food competition TV show 'Chopped'
Reality food competition TV show 'Chopped'
Food Network

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Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to enjoy a big feast, say thanks and spend some quality time together. And if that “quality time” means collapsing on the family room couch and watching some quality television, we’re here to help.  

Margaret Lyons writes about television for Vulture and has a weekly column called "Stay Tuned," in which she answers questions that are sometimes about TV and sometimes about how it plays into our lives. 

For Thanksgiving, Margaret suggests some reality TV competitions that are perfect for a family gathering. It's fun, silly and something everyone of all ages can enjoy.  

"Chopped" (Food Network) 

This show puts chefs head-to-head in goofy contests and they wind up making stuff that's almost always disgusting. One example: kiwi-gummy bear wonton. It kind of makes that cranberry sauce that's been sitting out all day more appetizing. 

"Face Off" (SyFy) 

"Face Off" is great if you want something that's silly, educational and exciting at the same time. The show has contestants creating elaborate and creative science-fiction make-up, and yet it's not too scary for the younger ones in the room. It's also the most earnest of the reality contest shows, focusing less on the drama and more on the competition. 

Killer Karaoke (truTV) 

If you want to work off that Thanksgiving dinner, there's no better way than to laugh it off while watching "Killer Karaoke." Singers are put to the test as they sing along to their favorite song under weird circumstances — being dunked in a tank full of snakes, being electrocuted, or touching a mysterious fuzzy thing. It's a hot mess where the whole family can laugh at how desperate people can be to get in front of the camera. 

If you have any television questions, tweet at Margaret Lyons @margeincharge

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