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State of Affairs: Is California in for a "Euphoric" Economic Rebound?, NASA Going to Explore Venus, What to Do This Weekend in LA

Venus passes in front of the sun as it makes its transit.
Venus passes in front of the sun as it makes its transit.
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State of Affairs: Is California in for a "Euphoric" Economic Rebound?

The weather forecast for the weekend in LA is sunny and in the 70s...pretty ideal, right? But maybe not as great as the ECONOMIC forecast for the state. The UCLA's Anderson Forecast says California is set for a "euphoric" rebound, and it appears our Governor doesn't want us to forget it. We'll get into that on State of Affairs with Carla Marinucci, Politico's Senior writer CA Playbook and Jack Pitney, Claremont McKenna College Prof. and author Un-American: the Fake Patriotism of Donald J. Trump.


Pushed Out: Nikki's Story of Domestic Violence and Homelessness

In our series "Pushed Out," we continue exploring why domestic or intimate partner violence is the biggest reason women experience homelessness in LA County. In her own words, survivor and advocate Nikki Brown tells the story of having to leave her own apartment and all of her possessions behind to escape ten years of domestic abuse. 

Challenges in Legalizing Un-Permitted Housing

The city of LA’s housing department has issued thousands of citations for unapproved dwelling units in recent years. But in 2020, pandemic-related health concerns caused city housing inspections to plummet by more than half. That made things even tougher for tenants living in unpermitted housing who say they’ve been harassed and threatened with eviction. Then four years ago, the LA City Council created a program designed to bring illegal housing units up to code and give owners a path to legalization. So far it's been a colossal failure. KPCC's David Wagner has more.

NASA Going to Explore Venus

This week NASA sent astronomers and space lovers into a feverish excitement with the announcement of not one, but two new spacecraft missions to study the second planet from the sun. To help us dissect the implications of such ground breaking planetary exploration Take Two is joined by Bruce Betts, Chief Scientist and LightSail Program Manager for The Planetary Society, the world’s largest space interest group. 


LA River Reopens for Kayakers

The LA River reopened for recreational activities over the weekend, including kayaking. Believe it or not, it's a pretty popular thing to do. A few years back, one of our producers, Ari Saperstein, went to find out why..... so on this Friday in June...we bring you that story again.  He also wrote about kayaking on the LA River for The LAist.

What to Do This Weekend in LA

The weekend is finally here… and it’s officially Pride Month. KPCC’s Itxy Quintanilla fills us in on events happening this weekend and beyond.