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California Democrats Have a New Budget Proposal, LA Two-Year-Old Becomes Mensa's Youngest Member, Potential Buyer for ArcLight and Pacific Theaters?

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California Democrats Have a New Budget Proposal

On Tuesday the state assembly and senate presented their joint budget proposal … ahead of negotiations over a final budget with the governor.Their proposal addresses some issues that Newsom’s didn’t … including expanding access to college and creating a statewide first-time homebuyer program that would address decades of housing discrimination against communities of color. 


Eviction Threats in Non-Permitted Housing

LA has a vast number of non-permitted housing units, and tenants living in these spaces often face substandard conditions and unlawful treatment from landlords. That’s been the situation for the tenants of one non-permitted Mid City apartment building. Despite pandemic-related eviction protections, they faced repeated eviction threats last year. We’ll hear them describe the stress of facing potential homelessness while trying to survive a deadly pandemic. 

Reopening American Legion Posts

More than 12,000 American Legion posts closed for at least part of the pandemic. That left many of them in financial trouble. Now, they're hoping people will come back for events like wedding receptions, family reunions, and bingo. Anne Kniggendorf of the American Homefront Project visited post number 327 in Shawnee, Kansas.

LA Two-Year Old Becomes Mensa's Youngest Member

At age two, Los Angeles toddler Kashe Quest has become the youngest member of Mensa. The toddler already has an IQ of 146, which is nearly 50 points higher than the average American adult. Kashe can already name all fifty states and the whole periodic table, and is working on learning Spanish. Here to talk about life with a little Mensa member, we have Kashe’s mom, Sue Athwal.


Potential Buyer for ArcLight and Pacific Theaters?

It looks like the ArcLight and Pacific Theaters might have a suitor a quiet horror flick scored big at the box office. For this and more, we go On The Lot with Rebecca Keegan, Senior Editor for Film for The Hollywood Reporter.


New Podcast Recommendations from Nick Quah

We bring you a list of podcast recommendations by the one and only Nick Quah… the go-to journalist covering the podcast industry for Vulture and more. He’s also the founder of the Hot Pod newsletter.