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Domestic Violence is Leading Cause of Homelessness Among Women, Police Training Reform, Ride Share Must Go Electric by 2030

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'The Biggest Secret No One Talks About':  Domestic Violence a Leading Cause of Homelessness Among Women 

It's estimated at least HALF of unhoused women are pushed into this situation as a direct result of domestic or intimate partner violence. But while that number has skyrocketed in the last decade… the resources for women fleeing abusive partners is lacking. We bring together three area experts working to end homelessness among survivors to discuss how abuse leaves people vulnerable to homelessness and what possible solutions there are to prevent it (two parts). 


Police Reform at the Academy Level

The state of California has 40 police academies -- 20 of which are in community colleges. And the number one topic being at all of them right now is reforming how they train police officers Tim Vu is the former chief of police in Alhambra, California and is now associate dean and director of the Criminal Justice Training Center at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. He’s here to discuss how changes at the training level can better prepare officers to de-escalate tense situations and better serve the communities in which they work.


Ride Share Programs Switching to Electric Vehicles

The California Air Resources Board has unanimously approved a rule that would require at least 90% of ALL miles driven by Uber and Lyft to be in electric vehicles by 2030. We talk about the new mandate… as well as the current state of electric vehicles in California... with Deepak Rajagopal, associate professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.