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'The Center' as a Solution for LA's Homelessness Crisis, UTLA President on Return to School, the Cost of Being Californian

Tents and belongings of the homeless line a street in downtown Los Angeles, California on June 25, 2018.
Tents and belongings of the homeless line a street in downtown Los Angeles, California on June 25, 2018.

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'The Center' as a Solution for LA's Homeless Crisis

The Committee for Greater LA is a group of community-minded folks who came together last year to workshop ideas for a, well, GREATER Los  Angeles, post pandemic. Today it released a report identifying some of the 'underlying problems'  in how we handle homelessness here - and proposed a curious solution.


The High Cost of Being Californian

How much does it costs to live in the Golden State?I think we all know the answer is A LOT ...and a new report underscores that. It's titled "The Cost of Being Californian," and it's written by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development… an Oakland-based research consultancy. It finds that one in three households in the state struggle to meet basic needs...and those precarity rates are highest for communities of color.


UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz Embraces School Full Time...with Changes

It’s been about a month since the Los Angeles Unified School District reopened schools. Some students have returned to campus part time, but the majority of mostly middle-and high-schoolers, have opted NOT not to return and are still at home... attending school on zoom. So with one more month to go in this school year, teachers, parents and administrators are negotiating what this fall will look like on campus. In person full time? Or something else?


A Call to Improve LA's Emergency Response to Mental Health Crises

We learn more about David Ordaz, the man fatally shot by LA Sheriff's deputies on March 14 while he was in the midst of a mental health crisis. We also take a closer look at the circumstances of the shooting. KPCC's Robert Garrova has the story.

OTL: The Streaming Giant to Rise from the WarnerMedia and Discovery Merger

Its merger mania in Hollywood this week.  WarnerMedia and Discovery join forces on streaming and  Amazon looks to buy MGM's catalog of classics. Plus, what the latest Fast and Furious movie means for box office recovery. It's all covered On the Lot.