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State of Affairs: Spending Billions on Drought, Teen Mental Health, Kristina Wong is a Food Bank Fan

California State Capitol in Sacramento
California State Capitol in Sacramento
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SOA: Biden's Left Leanings and Calif. State Senate $3.4 Billion Plan for Drought

For years, Joe Biden has embraced being seen as a centrist. But the kind of money Biden has been talking about spending in his first 100 days has earned him the praise of progressives such as AOC, and made economist Robert Reich tweet that Biden could be as transformative as FDR. Just this Wednesday, the American Families Plan unveiled Wednesday totaling $1.8 trillion. So has being president turned Joe Biden into a more progressive version of Bernie Sanders or is this just what a Democratic centrist looks like in 2021? We discuss this and the California State Senate's $3.4 billion plan to combat drought on State of Affairs.




The Benefits of 'Zoom in a Room' 

The L.A. Unified School District's return-to-campus plan is complete. As of today, all L-A-U-S-D students have gotten the chance to attend in-person classes again. For now, most students are choosing to stick with fully-online courses — especially in high schools: the district expects just one in five high schoolers back on campus. But educators say many of those returning students… are the ones most in need of a place to go.  KPCC's Kyle Stokes has the story.


How Teens Have Managed During the Pandemic 

You've heard about some of the pressure kids have experienced going to school at home during the pandemic: having to care for younger siblings while going to class,  or just trying to get work done in a cramped shared space with others that makes it difficult to concentrate.  But even without that kinda chaos, it’s been a hard year for young people - learning via zoom ...not seeing friends in person...and missing milestones. So now that older students are able to return to campus this week, we want to talk about adolescents have generally been faring during this time...emotionally speaking.



After the Chauvin Verdict: What's Next?

A little over two weeks ago, we heard from author and activist Caroline Randall Williams a few days before the jury in the Derek Chauvin murder trial came to their decision. We check back in with her now that Derek Chauvin has been found guilty for the murder of George Floyd.



Kristina Wong Shops at Food Banks to Show Us All How Much Food We Waste

Kristina Wong wears all the hats. She's a comedian, a performance artist, a community activist and a director. She is an in-demand speaker at colleges and conferences, and an elected member of the Koreatown Neighborhood Council. The lady is very busy. But she’s taken on a new calling of trying to show the world how much food we waste …while also trying to save herself a buck. For more than a year,  using food banks and a little hustle, she’s lived on about fifty dollars a month in groceries...and she documents it all in hilarious Instagram videos to try and get others to join the cause. Take Two contributor Giuliana Mayo brings us her story.