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Guidelines to Reopen LAUSD Schools, Sexual Assault in the Music Industry, When Will Production Resume in Hollywood?

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LA County Schools set to reopen, plus El Segundo School District guidelines

The L.A. County Board of Education unveils guidelines for how schools could reopen. Plus, El Segundo's superintendent weighs in on how she might re-open schools in her district after the L.A. County Board of Education unveils guidelines. 


Mayor Garcetti on Reopening

Los Angeles County votes to allow places of worship, in-store shopping at low-risk stores, drive-in movies and other recreational activities to resume. So, how will the city manage?


Coronavirus and mobile homes

As the summer approaches, many of us have canceled or postponed vacation plans. But as KPCC's Stephanie O'Neill reports, a growing number of RV owners are finding a way to put their idle vehicles to good use in this pandemic.

On The Record

Documentary filmmakers Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick have made three films that focus on the issue of sexual assault. Their 2012 Oscar-nominated movie, “The Invisible War,” was about sexual abuse in the military. Their 2015 movie “The Hunting Ground” was about rape on college campuses. Their new film, “On The Record,” is about the culture of the music industry and in particular sexual assault accusations against hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. Three women come forward in the film.


On the Lot

Guidelines for resuming production are their way, plus Disney World has an opening date. No word on Disneyland yet.