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Mayor's Address, Coronavirus: Teaching College from Home, The Wedge

Mayor Eric Garcetti answers questions from the media at City Hall.
Mayor Eric Garcetti answers questions from the media at City Hall.
Alice Walton/KPCC

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Mayor's Address

Coronavirus has put a stop to most regular economic activity. That means no taxes or fees to keep local governments running. This stark reality was the backdrop of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's State of the City speech on Sunday.The Mayor's proposed city budget just dropped about 30 minutes ago, so we'r giving you the first crack at explaining what's in it and how deep the cuts will go.


Coronavirus: Teaching College From Home 

College courses continue online as professors and students work from home. Summer school sessions are expected to move online as well and some colleges are even considering the possibility of canceling in-person classes until 2021. But not all reports are bad, in fact some professors say things are going pretty well under this new system. Last month, we spoke to Dr. Andrea Armani, a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at USC, just as she was getting her class up and running on Zoom. At the time, she had just sent off her students with lab kits they could use at home, so we decided to catch up with her again.


Coronavirus Ask an Expert 

The question on everyone's minds right now seems to be about antibody tests. For that and more of your burning questions we catch up with an expert. 


The Last Dance: Chicago Bulls Documentary

If you've gotten a bit bored scrolling thru all of the titles on all the streaming services desperately searching for something fresh to watch then I got a has has humor, drama, back-stabbing, mega personalities and star power that eventually dismantled one of the most successful runs in history. ESPN has debuted a ten part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' -1997-98 season, the last championship in their six titles in 8 years that compelled Jordan to retire for a 2nd time. John Horn hosts KPCC's arts and entertainment show The Frame and he wrote all about The Last Dance for our website LAist.


The Wedge

In his new book, "The Wedge," author Scott Carney explains how exposing yourself to extreme but manageable environmental stresses can reactivate our bodies' defenses to endure the worst times to come.