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Staying The Course On Climate, Child Savings Accounts, LAUSD Water Quality

The old advice seems to hold true: Drinking lots of water helps prevent urinary tract infections.
The old advice seems to hold true: Drinking lots of water helps prevent urinary tract infections.
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Staying the Course on Climate

The Trump administration has announced that the U.S. will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Despite the U.S.'s planned departure, several states, cities, and businesses remain committed to its emissions targets — California included. How might they fare? 


Invasive Grasses

Invasive grasses might be one factor in the increase of these blazes across the country. That's according to a new study from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Ryu & Child Savings Accounts

Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu wants to open college savings accounts for all for Los Angeles Unified School District students. Starting in first grade, each child would receive an initial 50 dollars, which parents would be encouraged to grow throughout their student’s primary education. If the proposal is approved, the first stage of the program would serve about 4,000 LAUSD students in the fall of 2020.


LAUSD School Water Letter

A while back, a KPCC reporter got this letter from a fourth-grader at an L.A. Unified school: "Dear Mr. Kyle Stokes, my school doesn't have any clean water. That makes me very concerned. That water, tastes horrible." Potentially unclean drinking water at a school? That's exactly the kind of complaint that'll get a reporter's attention.  So KPCC's Kyle Stokes decided to look into it.

Getting There: LADWP

Utilities are among the targets of LA's Green New Deal announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti in April. Specifically, it calls for building a zero-carbon electricity grid within 25 years and making renewable energy count for 80 percent of our power supply even sooner. We set out to get a better understanding of where the city currently stands with greening the grid.


Frankly in Love

Author David Yoon tells us about his new book ‘Frankly in Love.’ He discusses growing up in SoCal and the ‘limbo’ he describes Korean-American kids find themselves – being caught between their parents and mainstream American culture.