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Wildfire Legislation, Chinatown Displacement, Disneyland Galaxy's Edge Hits And Misses

Flames and smoke shroud State Route 33 as a wildfire burns in Ventura on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017.
Flames and smoke shroud State Route 33 as a wildfire burns in Ventura on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017.
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We take a closer look at the 22 bills Governor Newsom signed into law hoping to prevent wildfires. Plus, many Chinatown residents are being evicted as developers buy property in the area. And, we find out what went right, and what went wrong, with Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Wildfire Legislation

California will take on nearly two dozen laws aimed at preventing wildfires. The laws are based on recommendations made by Governor Newsom's task force.


Many More Homeless People Are Mentally Ill or Addicted to Drugs

A new Los Angeles Times analysis finds that many people who are homeless in L.A. County suffer from substance abuse, mental illness or have physical disabilities.


Chinatown Displacement

L.A.'s Chinatown has long drawn newcomers from China and Southeast Asia. In recent years, booming downtown development has been squeezing some of these immigrants out. But a growing number of residents is refusing to leave without a fight. KPCC's Josie Huang has the story of tenants in one building who have banded together.

Supreme Court Preview

The Supreme Court's new term begins today, and the rulings on several cases in the docket will affect California in particular. The court will consider the dispute over DACA and employment discrimination against LGBTQ workers among other high-profile cases.


UCs and SATs/ACTs

To get into college, taking the SATs or ACTs is a necessary rite of passage. It's been that way since World War II, and nowadays, some high schoolers spend hundreds of dollars on tutors and test prep courses just to get a good score. But that could change for students who want to get into the state's prestigious UC schools. There's a task force currently looking at whether to do away with the SAT/ACT requirement in admissions. And their work got an extra push when, last month, state lawmakers reacted to the college admissions scandal that rocked schools like UCLA and directed the University of California system to re-examine how test scores are used.


Disneyland Stars Wars: Galaxy's Edge Hits and Misses

Before it opened this past May, Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge couldn't have seemed more exciting. The Happiest Place on Earth was about to open a brand-new, 14-acre land filled with Star Wars iconography and experiences, like the Millenium Falcon ride, a build-your-own light saber workshop -- even a cantina selling blue milk. But then it opened, and the crowds, well, they just didn't show up. In August, Disney reported a three percent decline in domestic theme park attendance. So what went wrong, and what did the park get right?


Highland Park Latin Jazz Festival

Over the weekend, Sycamore Grove Park was the scene of the 6th Annual Highland Park Latin Jazz Festival. We stop by and take a listen.