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California-China Climate Institute, UCI Fire Algorithm

California Gov. Jerry Brown.
California Gov. Jerry Brown.
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We find out more about the new climate institute former California Governor Jerry Brown announced Monday in partnership with UC-Berkeley and China. Plus, UC-Irvine researchers have developed a system to help figure out which wildfires are most likely to burn out of control. And, we speak with the investigative journalist working to track down the L.A. Library's Well of Scribes.

California-China Climate Institute

Former California governor Jerry Brown announced a new climate-centered think tank on Monday. It will be based at the University of California-Berkeley.


UCI Firetracker

Wildfires can be very unpredictable —flames and embers could be tossed around by winds, igniting plants and homes for miles around. But researchers at UC-Irvine are working on a system that if perfected could predict how a blaze spreads. In turn, that could help firefighters know where to go ahead of time and extinguish sparks before they burn.


Death of Chinatown Groceries

From Little Tokyo to Historic Filipino-town and Boyle Heights...their geographical location in the city's urban core put these enclaves straight in the path of the most intense redevelopment. But perhaps none has taken as hard a hit as Chinatown — which in the last four years has lost one of its biggest dim sum restaurants and oldest hospitals. Now, its grocery stores are leaving.