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Retirement Savings, Youth Football limits, The Battle of Santa Monica Bay

Slot machines confiscated on the SS Rex gambling ship, are being tossed overboard into the sea.
Slot machines confiscated on the SS Rex gambling ship, are being tossed overboard into the sea.
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Retirement Savings

For most of those who labor day in and day out, retirement is a common goal. But your feelings about that word - retirement - might correlate to how prepared you actually are for that chapter. Well —if you felt a pang of guilt or even fear you're not alone. Nearly half of California's private-sector workers have no retirement savings. That's according to a study from UC Berkeley. And that fact alone is enough to set off a domino effect as people age out of the workforce. 


Youth Football Limits

Governor Newsom just signed into law a bill that limits the amount of full-contact practice in youth football – just 30 minutes a day, two days a week. We look at what this means in turns for coaches, themselves. 



Journalist and Central Valley native Mark Arax, author of "The Dreamt Land", turns his eye to Paradise, and the deadliest wildfire in California history, 8 months later. Arax shows how decades of greed, neglect, corruption, and bad politics led to the wildfire. It should never have happened. But it will happen again. And it's not just California that should be worried, but in areas across the country with other similar landscapes.


El Niño insurance

Two researchers over at UC San Diego have sorted through 40 years of insurance data to put a dollar figure on El Nino flood damage in the western United States. Their findings showed that El Nino conditions have caused higher magnitudes and more frequent insured losses in coastal Southern California. In fact, total damage during El Nino winters cost 5-billion dollars… ten times more than that of La Nina. So what does that mean for SoCal residents living in high-risk areas?


Military Fertility

Congress is considering whether to provide more benefits for service members and veterans whose war injuries left them infertile. Right now, the military pays for in-vitro-fertilization only in limited circumstances. And a VA program that provides fertility coverage for some veterans is scheduled to expire later this year. Carson Frame reports for the American Homefront Project.

Throwback Thursday: The Battle of Santa Monica Bay

On August 1st, 1939 Local rumrunner and gambling boat owner Tony Cornero and future Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren were involved in the Battle of Santa Monica Bay.


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Lightbulbs lawsuit

You know those dangling Thomas Edison lightbulbs that seem to be hanging in every dimly lit restaurant? The clear lightbulbs with exposed filaments that look like they were taken straight out of a mumford and sons music video? Well, this type of lightbulb is at the center of a lawsuit from UC Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara lays claim to inventing the energy-saving LED imitation bulb. The university says that behemoth retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Target should be paying up for profiting on the patented technology. If successful, UC Santa Barbera would a cut of the royalties.