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Banning Red Light Turns, Pre-K For All, San Clemente Homelessness

County courts have been banned from requiring people to pay traffic fines before they can contest their tickets.
County courts have been banned from requiring people to pay traffic fines before they can contest their tickets.
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We look at whether banning drivers from making a right turn on a red light will help reduce pedestrian fatalities. Plus, how realistic is Pre-K for all in California? And, San Clemente's efforts to reduce homelessness.

Bills, Bills, Bills

It's crunch time for state lawmakers as the legislative deadline approaches. Take Two explores the bills that could live or die this week, including proposals addressing the gig economy, consumer privacy, medical billing and health insurance rates.


Banning Red Light Turns

New York City and Washington, D.C., have already banned drivers from making right turns against a red light. And now San Francisco may introduce a similar law to help reduce pedestrian deaths.


Arts Education Funding

There's a prevailing belief that when the money gets tight, the first thing to go is the arts. But last year, the state budget actually included money that could go to the arts - up to $44 million. we visit districts that got the money and ask - what'd you do with it? KPCC's Carla Javier has more.

Pre-K for All

Along with all of the governor's proposals to strengthen early childhood programs, the legislature has dozens of bills of their own. Right now there are four legislators who previously worked in early childhood, and they are looking to move through a lot of bills that were vetoed by the previous governor. Assemblymember Kevin McCarty is author of a package of legislation known as Pre-K for all.


San Clemente Homelessness

The cities of San Clemente, Aliso Viejo and San Juan Capistrano have filed a motion to get Judge David O. Carter removed from the homeless lawsuit, claiming he has crossed the line from judge to advocate.


Trail Angels

Now that the rain is officially behind us —I hope —'tis the season to get out and hike. For those who want to tackle the famed Pacific Crest Trail - and trek ANY part of its 2500 miles from Mexico to Canada, you may want to listen to this. Weary walkers can get a boost from an encounter with self-appointed volunteers — called Trail Angels. Some offer a cold soda, or a ride into town  —but some actually provide free lodging. KPCC's Sharon McNary visited one of the best-known outposts – Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce.

Parking in Koreatown

If you've been to Koreatown lately, chances are you've struggled to find parking. We look at the reasons why this neighborhood is so notoriously difficult.