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CA implications of UN biodiversity report, CHP overtime report, Pho 79

CHP will investigate Sunday's shooting internally.
CHP will investigate Sunday's shooting internally.
Photo by Todd Lappin via Flickr Creative Commons

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We look at how California will be affected by a lack of biodiversity in the future, as reported in a new study from the United Nations. Plus, some California Highway Patrol officers in East L.A. are accused of abusing overtime. And, we visit the Orange County Vietnamese restaurant, Pho 79.

U.N. Biodiversity

A troubling new report out of the United Nations this morning. Among its findings: human activity now threatens the existence of nearly a million plant and animal species around the world. And it points a finger at pesticides, over-fishing, and a warming climate - things that could significantly reshape human lives as well. So how might these factors affect California's climate and economy?


The latest on the measles outbreak

Over the weekend, new cases of the measles were identified in our area. It's the first case for Long Beach and there, the man who contracted the disease was identified as a resident, said he did not travel internationally and was actually vaccinated. He is currently at home under quarantine. We hear about how officials tracked this case.


California Highway Patrol Overtime

The CHP confirms it has fired three officers from its East L.A. station for abusing overtime. A few have retired and a number of others have been placed on paid administrative leave. A senior CHP official won't confirm they're on the chopping block, but he has transferred 19 officers to the station and says more are on the way.


California Dream: Seniors

There was a time in California when middle class families could easily afford to buy a home. Over the decades, the value of those homes have appreciated, allowing many seniors in the state to continue to afford the good life. 

Foster Documentary

Oscar-winning filmmakers Deborah Oppenheimer and Mark Jonathan Harris talk about their new HBO documentary, "Foster." The documentary takes an unprecedented look at an often-misunderstood world, and upends some of the most enduring myths about foster care and those involved in and impacted by the system.

The documentary Foster premieres May 7 on HBO on Foster Care Appreciation Day during National Foster Care Month.
The documentary Foster premieres May 7 on HBO on Foster Care Appreciation Day during National Foster Care Month.
Courtesy of HBO

Military Moving woes

It's typical for a military family to move from place to place every few years. That's a lot of packing, re-packing and shipping of one's stuff, and it doesn't always go smoothly. So, after years of complaints, the Pentagon is looking to reform the way it manages the moving process for military families. When service members are transferred to a new duty location, the military is supposed to arrange for the family's possessions to be moved by private companies. But as Carson Frame reports for the American Homefront Project, the current system is plagued by delays, lost shipments, theft, and lack of accountability.

Pho 79

A profile of the Vietnamese restaurant,  Pho 79. The humble noodle house in Little Saigon is the first restaurant in Orange County to win a prestigious James Beard Foundation Award.