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LAUSD superintendent Austin Beutner, 88 Cities: Glendale, The Dils reunion

FILE - Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner speaks at a press conference on Weds., May 2, 2018.
FILE - Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner speaks at a press conference on Weds., May 2, 2018.
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Now that the L.A. teachers' strike has ended, we check in with LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner. Plus, as part of our ongoing 88 Cities series, we visit Glendale. And, one of L.A.'s seminal punk bands, the Dils, is playing its first reunion show in 40 years.

Air traffic control and the government shut down

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It's day 33 of a partial shutdown. In Southern California, federal employees are feeling more than a pinch at this point. Including air traffic controllers. Their union along with the pilot's union and flight attendant's union released an open letter today saying air safety is on the line. 


LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner

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Now that L.A. teachers have ended their strike, we talk to L.A. Unified School District superintendent about public school funding and the future of the country's second-largest public school district.


Automation in SoCal

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When it comes to automation, A.I. and the workforce, how do you feel?  Does it spell doom? Or are you reassured by the promise of technology? Can it eliminate your job? A new study by the Brooking's Institute out today reveals a variety of factors —like race, education level, and even geography— are at play when it comes to the robotics and the future of the workforce.


88 Cities: Glendale

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Los Angeles County is made up of 88 individual cities, and we've been visiting all of them. The next stop in our 88 Cities series is Glendale. There's a whole lot more to explore than the Galleria.

(Map created by Angie Quintaro)
(Map created by Angie Quintaro)

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The Dils play a reunion show 40 years in the making

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They said it would never happen, but this Sunday, the Dils are playing in Chinatown. Never heard of the Dils? They were part of California’s first wave of punk, the fabled class of '77. The band was founded by brothers Chip and Tony Kinman; they sang about about class warfare, and pogo’d high to super-fast country-western chords. After playing their last show in 1979, they said there would never be a Dils show again. But there is going to be a Dils show again - this weekend.