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SoCal was on fire this past weekend, past immigrants recall journey to the US, hip-hop in Asian culture

A sign is posted near the border between U.S. and Mexico warning drivers of immigrants crossing the freeway in San Ysidro, CA on January 24, 2006.
A sign is posted near the border between U.S. and Mexico warning drivers of immigrants crossing the freeway in San Ysidro, CA on January 24, 2006.
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With family separations at the southern border continuing to cause conflict, we take a pause and speak with people who came to the U.S. as children to learn more about their experiences. Plus, we find out about SoCal's fire ecology, and we go to the Chinese American Museum and visit a new exhibit about Asians' love for hip-hop.

Cal Fire Update

(Starts at 0:40)

Over the weekend sixteen fires began burning across California. The Valley fire in the San Bernardino National Forest started Friday afternoon as the heat wave in Southern California kicked up. It's burned over 1,000 acres and caused evacuations and road closures.


Fire Ecology

(Starts at 4:32)

The fires currently scorching the state mark the start of an usually early fire season in California. In the past, blazes would start in the late summer and carry through to November, but fire ecologists say it’s time to rethink this old notion.


Children Crossing

(Starts at 10:10)

Leaving your home for a new land can be a harrowing experience — especially for children. Starting July 9th, Take Two will spotlight five people who were just kids when they were taken to a new life in America for a series we call Children Crossing.


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Goleta Fire update

(Starts at 17:46)

The Holiday Fire in Goleta is 90 percent contained after consuming over a dozen homes. This couple lost their house but found their wedding rings in the ashes. San Bernardino Fire captured the heartfelt moment.


Trump ACA

(Starts at 22:43)

The Trump administration will suspend a program that pays billions of dollars to stabilize markets under the Affordable Care Act. The move could provide an unwelcome jolt for health plans and consumers.


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HBO takes a page out of Netflix's book

(Starts at 29:45)

HBO's new corporate bosses at AT&T are signaling changes ahead, with the premium cable network expected to become more like Netflix. Plus, the casting of Scarlett Johansson as a transgender character has provoked a backlash and a secret Roe v. Wade movie has been filming in Louisiana.


The intersection of hip-hop and Asian culture

(Starts at 40:45)

The Chinese American Museum has a new exhibit exploring Asians' affinity for hip-hop, and Leo Duran heads there for an interview to figure out why there is one.

Ninochka "Nosh" McTaggart co-curator of "Don't Believe the Hype" exhibit at the Chinese American Museum in Downtown LA.
KPCC/Leo Duran