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Would you evacuate to Arizona after the big one strikes? Property tax ballot measure, LA Sparks

Morning briefing in the State Emergency Operations Center. Day three of Arizona's 2018 National Mass Care exercise.
Morning briefing in the State Emergency Operations Center. Day three of Arizona's 2018 National Mass Care exercise.
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Take Two talks to L.A. City Councilman Mitch Englander about the plan to fine home and commercial property owners for false alarms to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Plus, a California realtors association is proposing a ballot initiative for November that would let homeowners buy new places but keep their old property tax rates. 

False alarms to the LA Fire Department could be fined by the end of this summer

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On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to develop a plan that would fine home and commercial landowners for false alarms to the Fire Department. Almost half of the 25,000 alarm callouts the LAFD receives each year are false, according to a report from the City Council's Public Safety Committee. All those false alarms add up to $4 million in unnecessary expense for L.A., which plans to recoup the money once an ordinance is drafted and approved.


Local newspapers are continuing to take a hit

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The Long Beach Press-Telegram now has one reporter left at the paper after three staffers quit their jobs on Monday. We talk to one longtime columnist, who just resigned about his years at the paper and his plans for a new hyper-local journalism project.


Solar Panels alone won't quite cut it

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California is now the first state in the country to require all new houses to have solar panels, starting in 2020. The goal is to slash greenhouse gas emissions. But until we can store solar power affordable, we're still going to be relying on fossil fuels when the sun goes down.


Solar panels
Solar panels
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Ballot initiative would help California homeowners move but keep their old property tax rates

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Some California homeowners could take their current property taxes with them if they move to a new home elsewhere in the state. That would be the result of a ballot initiative coming this November. We hear how this idea could either help with the state's housing crisis or decimate the tax base for several counties. 




LA Sparks rule the WNBA, even if few people are paying attention

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The WNBA tipped off this past weekend and Sunday it was a rematch of the past two finals as L.A. Sparks beat the Minnesota Lynx. The Sparks have their home opener later this week. If you combine championships and attendance, the Sparks can arguably lay claim to being the most successful franchise in the WNBA. But what does that all mean if, in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of eyes are watching the product?


"Arizona has your back."

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When it comes to earthquakes, we've talked about it to prep, what to do, what are the odds, etc. But what if the future "big one" prompts a mass exodus? Then what? Arizona's Department of Emergency and Military Affairs is hosting an event that prepares for that very situation. 


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