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Why ‘Black Panther's’ 5-weekend box office rule is such a big deal

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Scene from "Black Panther."

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What do blue aliens and black panthers have in common?

Five consecutive weekends at the top of the box office.

"Black Panther" is still ruling the box office — for the fifth weekend in a row. The last time that happened was "Avatar," back in 2009. Part of the reason is that there haven't been any big releases in February or March to give it much competition. But still, it's pretty big deal, says Vanity Fair's Rebecca Keegan.

I think this is potentially the most important record that "Black Panther" has broken because staying at the top of the box office for this length of time represents a movie that has mass appeal and an extraordinary quality that is compelling people to see it multiple times.

Keegan also pointed out that a big reason behind the "Avatar" hype was its technological lore. It was heavily marketed as the first time 3D was used in an innovative way, which fueled ticket sales. Meanwhile, "Black Panther" has been marketed as a well-made movie that has quenched a thirst for representation.


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