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Love is all you need: A look at Skid Row''s annual Carnival

January 27th marks the fourth annual Skid Row Carnival of Love.
January 27th marks the fourth annual Skid Row Carnival of Love.
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The Los Angeles County Homeless Count wrapped up last night and while results won't be ready for a while, it's clear to anyone who lives here that a lot of people are living on the street.

On Saturday there will be a little bright spot for some in the homeless community. It's called the Skid Row Carnival of Love. Now in its fourth year, the event helps to entertain and care for the homeless who live on skid row.

An array of services and entertainment will be featured at the carnival from physical and mental health checks, career and legal help, as well a dance party and gourmet BBQ. 

It's all part of Actor Justin Baldoni's effort to bring something different to the residents of Skid Row. "Something that makes them feel loved and seen and heard and appreciated and gives them home," he said. "Something that can help get them off the street but also that shines a light on the community."

Baldoni hopes that this event will inspire people to visit Skid Row more and work towards a way to eliminate homelessness:

"Our hope is that one-on-one we can start to change lives. There are individuals from last year that are still there every week, talking about going downtown, seeing each other...families that have kind of adopted and sponsored and it's all up to the individual. We're not the ones that are making that happen, that's what hearts do when they're affected and that's where I believe the real change comes from."

Skid Row Carnival of Love is Saturday, January 27th from noon to 4 pm. For more information, click here