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The Binge: the best of 2017

Still from the HBO drama, Godless starring British actress Michelle Dockery.
Still from the HBO drama, Godless starring British actress Michelle Dockery.

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As we end the year of 2017 we thought we’d have in our very own Mark Jordan Legan look back on all that streaming entertainment and discuss the ten best streaming titles for 2017.

Of that list, we've discussed many of them in past episodes, and in no particular order ... here are the runner-ups. 

Patriot (Amazon Prime) 

Alias Grace (Netflix) 

Ozark (Netflix) 

Manhunt-Unabomber (Discovery Channel) 

Genius (National Geographic Channel) 

Goliath (Amazon Prime) 

The Crown (Netflix) 

But here are two titles that we haven't discussed before:


It's an incredibly well done show with fantastic performances -- definitely one of the best new series of the year. The writer/director is Scott Frank, who as a screenwriter adapted Out of Sight and Get Shorty. 

Set in the 1880s, a small frontier town has lost most of its male population in a terrible mining disaster. So the women have been running things, but everything changes when an infamous outlaw and his vicious gang ride into town looking for someone. Jeff Daniels is absolutely mesmerizing as outlaw Frank Griffin -- a dangerous religious zealot with a quick trigger finger.

Godless is an intelligent Western. It takes its time and expects the audience to pay attention. The rest of the cast is superb.  Downtown Abby’s Michelle Dockery is outstanding as an independent woman who lives on the outskirts of town, but Merritt Wever as Mary-Agnes steals the show.


From David Simon, the creator of The Wire comes this gritty drama about Times Square in 1971 and all the different people who were there -- the cops, the politicians, the criminals and the prostitutes just as the porn industry began to take off.

Now the subject matter can seem unappealing, but the writing is so good and the ensemble cast so electrifying that this absorbing powerful drama pulls you in and you find yourself caring deeply about these characters. James Franco plays a dual role as twin brothers Frank and Vincent Martino. But one of the truly excellent performances comes from Maggie Gyllenhaal. She plays a streetwalker named Candy, who refuses to have a pimp. She’s independent and looking for a way out.

But as for the BEST title, Mark thinks that honor belongs to none other than Big Little Lies.


This magnificent series starts with a murder and then goes back to show you what led up to the shocking crime in this wealthy seaside town in Northern California. Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley & Reese Witherspoon are all fantastic but one of the best things the series does is put this elite community under a microscope. 

It's deeply absorbing and enlightening as well as entertaining.