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Caravan Outpost threatened as Thomas Fire spreads

Probably the only hotel in Ojai that can move its
Probably the only hotel in Ojai that can move its "guest rooms" out of the affected area.
Caravan Outpost

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As the Thomas Fire spreads in Ventura County, an oasis in Ojai is under threat. Caravan Outpost, a hotel that uses Airstream trailers for its guest rooms, has been evacuated. 

Take Two spoke with Brad Steward, co-owner of the boutique hotel, to find out what's happening. 

"I'm bouncing back and forth between Ojai and a place in Goleta where I had my family set up," Steward said. "And the biggest issue we've been having is just getting accurate information."

Caravan Outpost is situated in the industrial zone of Ojai, which has been helpful.

"The fires remains in the mountains, at the will of the wind," Steward said. 

The Caravan Outpost may be the only hotel in Ojai that can move its guest rooms out of the affected area because Airstreams can be driven out of harm's way. Steward now is working on a contingency plan to be flexible with the situation.

"We are not doing a whole lot now other than making sure the area and our perimeters are safe," Steward said, "and most importantly, the people are safe."

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