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The Ride: LA Auto Show kicks off with cybersecurity conference

Suits & Spooks held its first automotive cyber security conference at the LA Auto Show
Suits & Spooks held its first automotive cyber security conference at the LA Auto Show
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The LA Auto Show is finally here, and Take Two will be giving you a sneak peek at all the latest cars and related gizmos that will be on display. 

Things kicked with an event that happens within the show every year, called Automobility. It highlights all the latest developments with connected cars as we move toward an autonomous future.

The LA Auto Show got right into it with a discussion around automotive cyber security run by Suits and Spooks, a cyber security conference designed to bring together people from the intelligence community with people from various industries to determine and respond to the threats of digital connectivity. 

Suits and Spooks usually works with the energy, finance and healthcare industries, but transportation is becoming a more urgent focus with autonomous vehicles right around the corner. Increasingly, there is consensus in the auto industry that it isn’t a question of whether it will experience a serious cyber incident--but when. So the goal now is to get ahead of the problem and encourage more investment before there is an incident.

"Very soon we’re going to see hundreds of millions of connected vehicles, which are essentially computers on wheels. Hundreds of millions of computers on wheels," said Monique Lance, with Argus Cyber Security. "Just like computers, they’re vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here at Automobility LA, we’re going to see great examples of innovations depending on connectivity. If there’s one thing that can bring all this excitement to a halt, it’s a cyber attack."

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