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New guidelines can change the way schools address dyslexia

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For the first time ever, the California Department of Education has released a guidebook that defines exactly what dyslexia is and what programs can be most effective in addressing it.

And if you're thinking, wait a minute, hasn't dyslexia been something we've known about and addressed for years now?

You're not wrong. 

But the way children with dyslexia are treated varies. From district to district. Teacher to teacher. There's no standardized approach.

A new, 132-page document could change that.

Pam Cohen is an LAUSD teacher and a member of Decoding Dyslexia California.  That's a parent advocacy group that has led state and national efforts to improve services.

When she spoke with Take Two's Libby Denkmann, she cleared up some common misconceptions surrounding Dyslexia and detailed how the new guidelines could help students.

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