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On the Lot: Who will lead the Academy now?

"La La Land" producer, Jordan Horowitz, holds up a card at 89th Annual Academy Awards to show "Moonlight" won Best Picture.
The Academy

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Temperatures here in L.A. are high but box office numbers are low.

This past weekend saw the wide release of Kathryn Bigelow's "Detroit" and Stephen King's "The Dark Tower."

"The Dark Tower" only grossed about $19.5 million domestically, even though it had a budget of about $60 million.

The bleak numbers are part of an overall movie ticket sales decline this month. The reason for the decline? No standout movies on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Academy is readying itself to select a new leader on Tuesday. The new Academy president will have to grapple with paying for the Academy’s costly new museum, reaching its ambitious diversity goals, and organizing the first Oscar telecast after Envelopegate.

And jumping to another award show that's just around the corner - the Emmys. Voting starts next week and thanks to "Game of Thrones" the sci-fi/fantasy genre is dominating. But could is this trend here to stay? Probably not.

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