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Summer skiers suit up in swimsuits and hit the snowy slopes

Photo by Tyler Lowmiller/Flickr Creative Commons

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Summer is officially here. And while it's hard to imagine given the latest heat wave, if you make the trip to up to the Mammoth Lakes area, you'll still see snow piled pretty high. 

So, what happens when you combine sunshine AND snow? You get swimsuits and skis, making for a confusing visual, but good fun for summer snow bunnies.

But let's not forget that with warming temperatures comes melting snow. And that means that backcountry skiers need to use extra caution as the snow loosens, and swimmers need to take care near streams and creeks overflowing as the snowpack melts. 

To boot, hikers trekking along the Pacific Crest Trail are encountering just too much snow to pass.  

For more on how the heat is affecting snow conditions in the Eastern Sierra, Take Two's A Martinez spoke with Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun. 

To hear the full interview with Sheriff Braun, click on the media player above.