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How Big Sur community is faring with 1,760 foot wide landslide

Landslide on Highway 1 near Gorda in Monterey County.
Landslide on Highway 1 near Gorda in Monterey County.
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There's a new attraction along Highway One near Big Sur.
It's a heap of mud and rocks that's completely obliterated the highway that's the lifeline for the community. And, it's just latest in a series of unfortunate events that continue to plague the Big Sur region
In February,  we talked with Stan Russell, a longtime area resident who runs Rains had caused a bridge on Highway One to begin crumbling, and it was quickly shut down to traffic.

"It's catastrophic in that it has, closed off tourism which is the lifeblood of this community, but when you measure it against the things that really matter, nobody has died."

We reached Stan Rusell to give us the latest on what locals are calling, "the mother of all landslides."

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