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New report projects sea levels to rise faster than we thought

View of the ocean near the Port of Long Beach.
View of the ocean near the Port of Long Beach.
Maya Sugarman/KPCC

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A new report released yesterday projects that sea levels may rise a lot faster than previously thought.

The study was commissioned at the behest of the governor's office, the California Natural Resources Agency, and the California Ocean Protection Council.

And it says that by the end of this century, sea swelling could cause serious problems for coastal areas.

With this these projections in mind, recommendations include not only taking steps to prevent such a dramatic rise in sea level, but considering how far inland new development needs to be in order to be safe down the line.  

Gary Griggs teaches Earth Sciences and is the Director of Institute Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. He worked on the report and joined Take Two's A Martinez. 

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