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The Binge: Patriot, Big Little Lies and Crashing

Actor Michael Dorman, star of Amazon Prime's new show, Patriot.
Actor Michael Dorman, star of Amazon Prime's new show, Patriot.

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Every month we take a look at all of the options you have to stream, from Hulu and Netflix to Amazon Prime, HBO Now and Showtime Anytime. Our very own Mark Jordan Legan offers three great new picks.


Based on a best selling novel and was adapted for television by the legendary David E. Kelley who has given us everything from L.A. Law to Ally McBeal to the recent Billy Bob Thornton series Goliath. But this taut little murder mystery is set in the beautiful town of Monterey California and stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. Big Little Lies does a marvelous job of shining a light on the hypocrisy and gossip in these wealthy little towns.

Reese Witherspoon’s character is as if Tracey Flick, from the brilliant political satire ELECTION, grew up and married money. Every episode is expertly directed by Jean-Marc Valle – who as a feature director has made everything from Young Victoria to Dallas Buyers Club to Wild – where he worked with both Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. 


PATRIOT (Amazon Prime)

This dark, quirky spy drama comes from Steven Conrad – who has written or co-written some really good films like Pursuit of Happyness, The Weather Man and The Promotion. This show focuses on a young espionage agent who is struggling with the emotional realities of his dangerous job.  He works for his father – a top Intelligence officer – played by the excellent character actor Terry O’Quinn. 

It has some of the dark humor of Fargo and some of the sharp insight of the spy game like The Americans. Totally worth checking out.



Crashing was created by and stars comedian Pete Holmes and is loosely based on his real life experience. Just like Holmes, the TV character was raised in a devout Christian home, went to Christian college and married young. But his desire to perform stand-up comedy puts a strain on his marriage.

Things go bad in the marriage and Pete soon finds himself out on the street where he needs to start crashing on fellow comedian’s couches as he tries to figure out his next move. Real life pros like Sarah Silverman and TJ Miller play themselves as does ex-Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange.

Mark Jordan Legan is a writer living in Los Angeles, check out past episodes of the Binge here.

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