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Gov. Brown wants a tax hike on gas to help repair roads

File: California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday, January 7.
File: California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday, January 7.
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You'll probably soon be paying a little more for gas here in California, and a little more in taxes on your vehicle.

Governor Brown announced a $52 billion plan to fix all the cracks, potholes and other blemishes on our streets and freeways.

"This year, California will spend $7.2 billion dollars on transportation," KPCC infrastructure reporter Sharon McNary told Take Two's A Martinez. "If the first year of this new plan produces about $5 billion dollars, that's an increase of about 70 percent that would go to roads and other transportation projects."

The money would be split half to state projects and half to local projects.

Of course, any new tax is going to be met with scrutiny. Among those sceptics are many California Republican lawmakers. But Gov. Brown believes that this cost is a necessary investment.

"This is like fixing the roof on your house," Brown said. "If you don't fix the leak your furniture will be ruined, your rug will be destroyed, the wood will rot. That's what it's all about, so step up and take care of business. That's what this bill is all about."

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