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'Come West. California is hiring.' Public Utilities Commission recruits federal scientists

Photo courtesy of @cmta on twitter
Photo courtesy of @cmta on twitter

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More now on the EPA, and the professionals working there.

The head of the agency says climate change is a farce.

And in his proposed budget, President Trump wants to cut EPA funding by almost one third.

So, it's no surprise that many climate scientists working for the Federal government are feeling a little edgy about their career prospects.

Here's a message for those scientists - "Come West. California is Hiring."

It comes from Michael Picker, president of the California Public Utilities Commission, and he delivered it in a pretty unusual way: by standing at Washington D.C. metro stops near the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with fliers that contained info on climate change.

Michael Picker

"I think it's partially a publicity and partially that they wouldn't mind filling a few dozen position," David ​​Siders, senior reporter for Politico who specializes in California, told Take Two's A Martinez. "This really speaks more to Californians than it does to anyone in Washington.​"

Siders says that there is precedence for this sort of action. In fact, California was recently on the other side of the issue. "This mirrors how former Texas Governor Rick Perry used to come to California to recruit jobs," Siders said. "Really, what he was doing was speaking to his base back in Texas about his prowess. This really speaks more to Californians than it does to anyone in Washington."

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