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The Styled Side: Beauty and the Beast...and the merch

Shoe designer Ruthie Davis created this shoe inspired by the Disney film,
Shoe designer Ruthie Davis created this shoe inspired by the Disney film, "Beauty and the Beast." It's sold through a collaboration with HSN.
Ruthie Davis

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The live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast" debuts on March 17, and many of the merchandise tie-ins are made for adults, too.

"We’re talking about fashion and beauty collaborations," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily.

SoCal-based Hot Topic has a limited-edition line that includes a retro Belle bikini in her signature yellow and Beast’s suit jacket in velour with gold embroidered vines and roses.

LA-based nail line Morgan Taylor has a nail polish collection with cheeky names like Potts of Tea, Be our Guest and Gaston And On and On.

Adults are snatching up these items because many of them resonated with the original 1991 animated film as children.

"I love all things fantasy and whimsical," says KPCC producer Lori Galarreta, who owns shoes with a "Beauty and the Beast" print. "I think that all started with 'Beauty and the Beast.' So when I feel that vibe translated into the merch, it's almost an instant buy."

HSN worked with Disney, too, to create some luxury items.

Women's footwear designer Ruthie Davis made a red strappy heel that ties up the front, has leather rosettes and also tiny thorns all down the 4-inch heel. 

"I think actually that adults are more excited than children about these shoes," she says. "People get very emotional when it comes to things they love like Minions or a Disney Princess.”

We should mention that those shoes come at a princely sum of $399.

But you still might still need to cast a spell or two if you hope to snag any of these pieces, because they’ll go quickly.